Sunday, November 8, 2015

Actor / Character Comparison Still - Alice and Kathryn Beaumont - Sliding Down the Table Leg

This particular image was very popular during the months preceding the release of Alice in 1951, it was featured in several magazine articles promoting Disney's latest all-cartoon film!
I must say I do love images of the various tortures they put Kathy through during her live-action reference.


Torgo25 said...

Very cute photo! Kathryn actually looks like she's having fun acting out that scene, unlike Alice who seems dismayed.

If only there were live-action reference photos/videos of Alice's initial tumble down the rabbit hole (the part where she waves goodbye to Dinah as she falls). Kathryn Beaumont was quoted as saying (I got this from an Internet article that seems to have disappeared),

"I had a lot of fun doing a lot of that scene, just wondering what sort of contraptions were going to be used. When Alice tipped over into the rabbit hole, it was just a matter of adjusting the camera angle and looking at Alice from higher up. From there, I just rolled over onto several mattresses to mimic the initial fall."

Matt said...

There are photos from that scene, you can see one (if I recall) in the January 1951 Life magazine. I'll dig it up.

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