Monday, November 2, 2015

One From the Wall - Alice Studio Setup with Walt Signature

We've recently acquired one of our Holy Grail items here in the Tulgey Wood, a Walt Disney signed cel setup.
I love this cel. It is from the very first sequence that was animated, when Alice encounters the Caterpillar.  Several things mark this as such. First, Alice's face is rounder and more childlike than in the rest of the film.  Second, the color of Alice's collar is a lighter shade of blue than the rest of her dress. One can only assume that it was (wisely) decided that it would have been way too much trouble to animate her dress that way throughout the entire film. Third (but only audibly) Kathy's voice is much younger sounding in this sequence than in any other. 
I've always wanted a cel from this sequence, and a Walt signed cel?  Killed two birds with one stone with this acquisition.
I also figured something out, like a bolt from the blue.  Remember this cel setup from before, the one that Walt *almost* showed on national television?
I always wondered why the mat board at the bottom was so much wider than at the top.  And now I know:  To allow for Walt's enormous signature!  Guess he just never got around to signing my other setup.  Oh well, probably a good thing, it would've cost me a whole lot more than it already did!


Sam A M said...

I'm most intrigued by your "wall collection" photo:

the painting of Alice and Dinah under the tree, the computer desktop background, even the full image of your avatar is amazing!
Great images!!

Matt said...

@Sam - the painting of Alice and Dinah is an original watercolor by Samuel Armstrong that was used as page 1 of the Cozy Corner book. The image of my avatar was made by my daughter Computer Girl for my birthday several years ago. And the desktop background is courtesy of D23.

Brian Sibley said...

It is a WONDERFUL piece, Matt! But (not to take anything from you two excellent set-ups) but, traditionally, the mounts used in art framing are always deeper at the bottom than the top. Today, no one bothers, but by placing the art slightly higher in the overall frame space makes it 'read' better for the viewer –––– and leaves space for anyone with flamboyant signatures!! ;)

Matt said...

@brian - Interesting, I never knew that. Thank you!

Major Pepperidge said...

Fantastic piece. It's nice that it is not inscribed to a specific person either... you can pretend Walt signed it just for you!

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