Monday, May 12, 2008

The Inaugural Post

So, what to do for the inaugural post on this, my Vintage Disney Alice blog. I'll start off by saying that this will probably be sporadic in nature, real world commitments like job, mortgage, child's college tuition etc. being only TOO real. But I will try to post something interesting as often as I can.

For those who know me, they will remember that I'm fairly obsessed with the Disney Alice. And I have managed to gather some cool things over the years. I'm most interested in items from the 1950s, especially from the initial release. In fact, the banner for this blog is one such item, it is a theatre herald from France in 1951/52 (the year it was released in most of Europe, Christmastime in France). The banner is the inside of the herald, the front looks like this:

and the back looks like this:

I've come across two of these over the years (there are probably more about, but I would imagine they are mostly in France), and I think the graphics on this are probably the best movie promotional art I've seen for Alice.

UPDATE: Looks like this is actually from Belgium.

UPDATE #2: Ok, so we now know this is Belgian. The copy I have that is only in French advertises the
Eldorado, a famous theatre in Brussels. Thank you Arion for the information.


Bob Cowan said...

Matt - Great to see your new site! And thanks for your post on my TV commercial post. I'd like to add some details. Could you email me at I'd appreciate it.... Take care, Bob

Hans Perk said...

Hi Matt! Welcome to the blogs!

As to your herald - with the date in Dutch ("Vanaf...") and French ("A partir de...") - could it be Belgian?

Hi to all from us!

Matt said...

Very possibly. I purchased it from a n eBay-er in France, hence my thought that it was French. It is possible that it was used in multiple countries. The other one only has the following on the back in French:

Prochainement a l'Eldorado

which loosely translates (I think) to :

Coming soon to the Eldorado (presumably a theatre).

Arion said...

Dear Matt, the Eldorado was a famous theater in Brussels, Belgium. So, your beautiful Herald is without a doubt a belgian one. ;-)

Congrats for your great blog !


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