Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Libby's Wonderland of Values

One of the largest promotions in conjunction with the original release in 1951 was the one with Libby's Foods. Most people have seen the two-page ad with a myriad of Alice characters commenting on various Libby's products (It's Frabjous!). In addition to this full page ad, there were newspaper ads, and in-store promotional posters. The in-store kit consisted of 8 large posters (about movie poster size) each advertising a specific food product, 4 'price cards' which were about legal size used to advertise a specific price special, one very large window poster advertising the promotion in general (Libby's Wonderland of Values), another generic poster somewhere between the very large poster and the 8 large posters, and 6 'tuck-ins' (about index card size); all in an illustrated envelope. Today's post is one of the 'tuck-ins', featuring the Cheshire Cat.

My kit has 3 Cheshire Cat cards and 3 Alice cards, but I have also seen a March Hare card. One can only presume that they made cards for each of the 8 characters featured on the large posters (the art is the same), but I have not seen the remaining 5 characters. If there is interest, I'll post images of the entire kit. Enjoy.


Bob Cowan said...

Matt- I'd like the see the others!

Matt said...

okiedokey, will take me a while, I'll probably do it in several posts

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