Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Mad Hatter and Me - Disneyland, Aug '71

Inspired by Jed's excellent post, thought I'd put this up while the idea was still fresh. It's me at Disneyland in 1971 (I was six years old at the time). Check out those stylin' pants. And I still have that Mickey Mouse wristwatch.

Is that Jerry Seinfeld behind me?


jedblau said...

Matt? Matt Crandall? Is that you? Couldn't be...you vanished off the face of the Disney Earth about five, six years ago and took Paul F. Anderson with you. Could it really be??? :)

jedblau said...

Nice to hear from you...drop me a line: jedblau@yahoo.com

Hayley said...

(So you disappeared from Disney Earth a little after we stole you out to VA? That pesky "family life" -- pfft!)

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