Monday, October 6, 2008

Alice au Pays des Merveilles Storyteller by Marie-Claire Marty

This is a French storyteller EP from I think 1951. It has Alice on side 1, and Snow White on side 2. The voice of Alice is provided by Marie-Claire Marty, the film voice of Alice in the original 1951 release in France (which is why I think this is from 1951). Her voice is very good, she's the proper age - about the same age as Kathryn Beaumont - and her vocal quality is very similar. In fact, she also provided the voice of Wendy when Peter Pan was released in France in 1953, just like Kathryn Beaumont did. You can find out more about Marie-Claire Marty at the French Wikipedia site entry, and if you read French there is an interview with her here.

They changed voices when they re-released the film in 1974, don't know why.

The storyteller consists of 4 scenes, and lasts about 12 minutes. Since I'm having so much fun with my new toy, I'm including the first scene here.

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