Sunday, October 5, 2008

Disney Time Cheshire Cat Watch

Here we have something I don't really have any information on, so perhaps one of my faithful readers can help me out. This is a Cheshire Cat watch, made in Japan, under the Disney Time imprint. The watch is battery operated, so can't be too old, but does have Walt Disney Productions copyright, so must be prior to 1986. My guess is the 1970s, but again don't know for sure. I have not found any reference material to illustrate this watch.

I do really like this watch, with his head spinning as the second hand.


Katie said...

Great watch. My aunt bought this watch while living in Japan in the mid 70's. When she came back to the states (a year later) it was stolen out of her car. She was devistated. She has been looking for one ever since.

Matt said...

@Katie - there is one for sale on ebay right now

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