Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Alice! - Pictorial Review Oct. 29, 1950

The first time I saw this I just about died. This piece of Alice ephemera has me written all over it. You see, my birthday is today, Halloween, and what better gift for me than an obscure piece of vintage Alice paper with a Halloween theme.

What this is, is a newspaper supplement from 1950 (nearly a full year before the film's release) called Pictorial Review, dated October 29th, 1950. Pictorial review is one of several newspaper supplements of the time that appeared in (usually) the Sunday paper. These kind of supplements still exist today, but I don't think this particular one does.

I'd love to find the original art on this...perhaps for my birthday next year.


Christopher said...

Wow!I love to see vintage art like that,and would love to know who painted it.What a great find.

Centaurette said...

Happy birthday! I LOVE this image...what beautiful staging, not only to accomodate the publication's title type with minimal intrusion, but also subtly setting up the character personalities. The Queen of Hearts literally looms like an ominous cloud over the proceedings, and note how the Caterpillar uses several hands to hold the March Hare's ear out of his way. The Carpenter's little peek-in from the side is also pretty adorable!

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