Saturday, January 30, 2010

Evan K. Shaw Alice

Known variously over the years as American Pottery, Evan K. Shaw Co. and Metlox, this pottery company produced Disney figures from about 1943 through 1955 or 1956 (Lady and the Tramp was the last film they did figures for). This is Alice.

It has been said that this Alice figure is the most beautiful of all the Shaw figures ever produced, and who am I to argue. She and her cohorts were produced probably only in 1951-52, so relatively speaking they are pretty scarce as far as Shaw figures go. As far as relative scarcity is concerned, Alice is somewhere in the middle.

Alice, as with all the Shaw figures, is identified only by this red foil sticker, which is almost never present. I have mixed feelings about the stickers. On the one hand it is cool to have what amounts to original packaging, but on the other hand sometimes these stickers are placed weirdly and distract from the beauty of the figure itself. Fortunately for me, the Alice has her sticker on the side that you don't look at.

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