Monday, January 25, 2010

Toffee Tin - Edward Sharp & Sons, Ltd.

This is one of those items you look at and just say "Wow, that is pretty damn cool!"

This is a vintage toffee tin from England, by Edward Sharp & Sons, Ltd. of Maidstone, Kent to be precise. There is no date, but I'm guessing it is from the original release or thereabouts due to the presence of the infamous red-striped stockings.

This particular tin was filled with Plain Super-Kreem Toffee according to the label, which the previous owner graciously removed yet kept in side the tin

along with the Sharp & Sons guarantee.

Edward Sharp & Sons made lots and lots of specialty toffee tins, including this Alice and for sure a Snow White as well. Edward Sharp himself was the first Baronet of Warden Court, a relatively recent Baronetage created in 1922.

Sharps toffee can still be purchased today, although I believe the brand has been purchased by Taveners .


Major Pepperidge said...

Tim Burton would love those stockings! Does his Alice have those, or the white ones?

Matt said...

From the trailers I've seen, they are plain white. But I agree, they should have been striped.

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