Saturday, March 20, 2010

Regal Alice Salt and Pepper Shakers

By far the most common of the Regal tea set are these Alice shakers.

These full color Alices are a true set, having either 3 or 4 holes in the back of her head.

And what rare Alice item would be complete without a variation or two, and the Regal shakers don't disappoint: there are a total of 4 variations of the Alice shakers. Firstly the full color shakers above, arguably the most desirable and fortunately the most common (although still quite rare). Second is a white variation with gold highlights and painted face, hair, stockings and shoes - essentially only missing the coloration on the dress and base. The paint job on Alice's mouth on this example is a little odd I must say.

Third is a white variation with gold highlights only including facial features. This is the next most common variation.

Fourth and final variation is the plain white shaker. Not sure if this was just a blank or if it was sold this way, I only have the one but have seen others.

The full set does make a very nice display, kinda like Alice in progress.

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