Thursday, March 25, 2010

Regal White Rabbit Sugar Bowl

The final piece of the Regal tea set is this White Rabbit sugar bowl. Odd that they did not use a different character for this piece, again I would have thought the March Hare or Dormouse would have made more sense. I think a Mad Hatter tea pot deserves a March Hare creamer and a Dormouse sugar bowl, don't you?

The White Rabbit's head is the lid for this bowl, very fitting given the Queen's favorite sentence.

It has been my experience that this piece is the rarest of the Regal tea set, not the Mad Hatter tea pot.


Major Pepperidge said...

The Cheshire Cat seems like one of the favorite characters - if not THE favorite character - to come out of this movie (well, 50 years later anyway), and yet there does not seem to be very much merchandise featuring him. I wonder why? Those pink and purple stripes are pretty striking, I still have a small ceramic CC that I bought at Disneyland years and years ago.

Matt said...

It wasn't until Disney embraced the concept of 'Villains' in the late 1980s that the Cheshire Cat really took off, even though he isn't really a villain, just mischievous.

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