Monday, March 22, 2010

Regal Mad Hatter Tea Pot

Quite possibly the most sought after of all Disneyana of the 1950s is the Mad Hatter tea pot by Regal. It was for years misidentified by TOMART as a Shaw tea pot, but it is in fact a part of the Regal tea set.

The design is quite clever, with his hat as the lid, and the tea pot he holds in his right hand as the spout. The handle consists of a stack of tea cups held against his head by his left hand.

I first encountered this tea pot nearly 20 years ago, paid at the time what I thought was an outrageous price for it, but which later turned out to be quite a bargain. If you ever come across one, grab it!


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I know somebody who has one of these and I doubt that they are aware of its rarity.

Ria said...

I have one with a repaired crack in it - about how much could I get for it?

Matt said...

It is very difficult to say. Damaged pieces are harder to sell, but this is a rare piece. Your best bet is to post it on ebay and see what you get. But only if you want to sell it.

Ralph Kalkbrenner said...

I have one that is in perfect condition and would like to sell it

John Stratton said...

I have found one like this only it has no color to it just white.
Is it a different maker or just an oddity

Matt said...

@john - your white one is the same maker (without seeing a photograph), just unpainted. There are unpainted versions of this entire set, I've previously posted pictures of the unpainted Alice S&P set. I'd be interested in purchasing this from you if you are selling. Contact me directly at if interested.

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