Friday, August 6, 2010

Marx Mad Hatter Disneykid

Here's something we haven't seen before, and is truly a mystery. This is anecdotally called a DisneyKid, I say anecdotally because as far as anyone has determined there is no official name for these, nor can anyone find any documentation from Marx on them.

These are miniature in the extreme, this Mad Hatter measures a mere 1 inch or 25mm in height. Check the size comparison below: 'king, 'kin, 'kid

No one knows where these came from or how they were sold. Of course speculation abounds, the most popular of which is that they may have been gumball machine prizes. Here's hoping that someone somewhere uncovers the true story of the DisneyKid. For more information be sure to checkout the section on DisneyKids over at

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