Saturday, December 15, 2012

David Hall Story Art Stills - Alice Goes from No Neck to All Neck

You just knew that mushroom was not to be trusted.  This watercolor of Alice, now having gone from no neck to all neck, shows her head bursting through the forest canopy, much to the shock of a family of nesting birds.  This watercolor is reproduced slightly cropped but in full color in the David Hall book, and is labeled here '82'.  Dad bird looks ready for a night on the town, while mother bird looks like she does nothing but sweep out the nest, even with two eggs in it.
I really can't tell what's going on here, mom and dad are not to be seen, and instead seem to have been replaced by a group of Bowery birds picking on a little bird in a sailor suit.  Guess there are bullies everywhere.  Labeled '83'.

1 comment:

Torgo25 said...

Imagine they ditched the long neck concept to make it easier on the animators.

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