Friday, December 21, 2012

David Hall Story Art Stills - Peering Into the Mad Hatter's Shop

Alice has made her way to the hat shop run by the Mad Hatter (guess the sign post was right).  This watercolor is signed in the lower left and labeled '97'.  Unfortunately this watercolor is not reproduced in the David Hall book, so we don't get to see it in full color.
 A closeup of the above, Alice seems to be trying to peer inside, and that giant doorknob looks like a giant eyeball to me.  And check out those creepy hat displays in the window, and the eyes looking out from the crawlspace under the window.  Gives me the willies.  Labeled '97A'.


Major Pepperidge said...

The multiple Hatters inside are creepy!

Brian Sibley said...

First time I've seen this particular image – thought I'd seen them all!

Matt said...

I wonder how many more are out there that have not been seen since 1939?

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