Saturday, December 29, 2012

David Hall Story Art Stills - Painting the Roses Red

Having escaped the Duchess, Alice finds herself entering the Queen's garden where she encounters some cards painting the roses!  This watercolor is labeled 'IV'.  I was so disappointed to find that this is not in the David Hall book, nor in Surprise Package.  BUT...
the original was included in an exhibition called Once Upon a Time Walt Disney: The Sources of Inspiration for the Disney Studios that was show in exactly two place - Paris and Montreal.  I was lucky enough to see the Montreal exhibit in 2007 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art,
where when we weren't being silly, I purchased the tome of a catalog,
and lo and behold, this image was inside.  Thanks goodness!
Zooming in on the rose bush we see three card painters busy at their work:  2, 5, & 7.  The deuce you say? This is labeled 'IV A"
This detail of Alice shows the design work on the garden grounds.  I love the card suits motif in the garden stones.  Labeled 'IV B'


Major Pepperidge said...

I love the way Alice is drawn, she looks like a professional wrestler about to tackle a foe!

Matt said...

Yeah, but with those scrawny legs she'd be no match for Hulk Hogan.

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