Sunday, December 23, 2012

Film d'Oggi from Italy - December 5th, 1951

Taking a break from David Hall for the Christmas season, we have here a very cool magazine from Italy called Film d'Oggi, one that I searched for high and low for many years before finally acquiring a copy.  Fantastic cover art of Alice dreaming dreams of Wonderland characters floating around on snowflakes.
Some of you might recognize the art on these snowflake folk, it was used as the basis for a series of pins released by a couple of years ago,
and the Walrus was also featured in an Advent pin set way back in 2002.
The interior is what you'd expect (although in Italian), a few nice color images from the film - the Alice in the Tulgey Wood is an unusual choice and not frequently seen.
Accompanying the color stills is an article about the making of the film, with some standard studio shots of various animator interacting with Kathryn Beaumont.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Whenever I see still frames from "Alice", I am reminded of just how amazing it looked!

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