Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1951 Spanish 1-Sheet

Something we haven't seen on the blog yet, original movie memorabilia from Spain!  I call this a 1-sheet, but it is really 70x100 cm, so more like 27x39.  I'm not sure what the Spanish call it, but we'll settle for Spanish 1-sheet until otherwise notified.
Signed in the lower right, MCP, this was the monograph for a trio of Spanish poster artists  - Ramon Marti, Josep Clave, and Hernan Pico - usually known for their film noir and action posters, guess they decided to lighten thing up in the studio they day they did this.

The art on this is similar to the American 40x60, but much nicer.  I just had this sent off for linen-backing, and will proudly hang it on my wall after having lived in a box for 14 years.

UPDATE:  I just received my poster back and it looks AMAZING - don't you?  Thanks to the folks at Poster Mountain for doing such a great job!  I plan to send a lot more of my posters their way for mounting and restoration.  You should too!

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