Friday, December 20, 2013

Ons Volk from Belgium - December 20th, 1951

This is one of those items that I knew about for a very long time before I actually acquired a copy.
This is a Belgian magazine, in Dutch, from Christmastime in 1951.  I love the cover, which is good because that is the only thing Alice about this magazine.  I've seen this art reproduced in other places, most notably a music book from the 1950s here in the US, but this magazine cover (I think) is the largest reproduction of the art - and in full color, the music book is only line art.  I love this cover so much that I made it my Christmas card for 2012.  Hope you like it too!

1 comment:

Snow White Archive said...

Yeah, I can see why you like the artwork. Quite stunning.

Because this is a Belgian magazine, would this have been a European artist? Maybe I'm just imagining it, but it seems like Alice has a different look, a Euro look about her.

I know that some Snow White renditions, like the many created in Italy, appear quite distinctive from those produced by the Disney Studio. Just wondering if this was a similar situation for this Alice cover art.

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