Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Courtroom Scene Rotoscope Layout Drawings

This just in from the far flung reaches of the Tulgey Wood, a set of rotoscope layout drawings of the courtroom scene.  There seems to be a lot of courtroom art out there, and I have my fair share of it.
What's neat about these is that they are a close match to the previous set of animation rotoscopes I posted earlier.
These are not meant to be animation drawings (I think) but layout drawings.
The 5 digit numbers written on the page correspond to the frame number on the live action footage shot for this scene.  You can see examples of this on the various scenes included on the supplemental of the newest DVD and Blu-Ray discs.
Framing/tracking boxes here also lend to the layout argument.
But, what is cool is that I do have a matched set, one from the animation drawing and one from this set of layout drawing, that both correspond to frame 05322.
You can see subtle differences, due I'm sure to the tracing style of whomever did the trace for the animation vs layout drawings.  But they both match very well with the final image.
I just love stuff like this :-)

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