Friday, January 31, 2014

Live Action Reference Photo A-SPEC-10 - Alice Jumping

Next from the Key Book set is the photo of Kathy jumping.  My assumption is that this is from the sequence when Alice is entering the Queen's grounds for the first time through the maze, and hears the Card Painters and jumps up and down to see over the hedge.
I cannot match this to a specific frame of film (mostly because that whole sequence is dominated by the hedge) but as this is a SPEC still it may have been a press still image taken from a different angle, or it could be from another scene entirely.  I do know that this image is also very popular with Disney, both at the time of release and even to this day.

1 comment:

G.O. said...

Every time I see that photo, I think she is trying to fly like Peter Pan...or perhaps like Wendy? :)

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