Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Live Action Reference Photo A-SPEC-? - Alice at the Bottom of the Rabbit Hole

Next up from the Key Book photos is this very fun image of Kathy hanging upside down as she reaches the end of her journey down the rabbit hole.
She must be wearing an early form of Gravity Mary Jane.  Notice the pair of hands holding the wall behind her, I'm guessing it was less than stable.
This particular image is frequently used by Disney even today.  My particular copy's negative number is very difficult to read, and is missing the numeric component due to the way the negative was centered when printed.

1 comment:

G.O. said...

That scene was a clever way to end Alice's fall. As in the book, she wondered if she'd come out and see everyone walk upside down. In the movie, for a moment she actually does!

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