Sunday, January 5, 2014

English Sheet Music - How D'You Do and Shake Hands - Set Complete!

I love completing a set.  This is the very rare (and only recently confirmed to exist) English sheet music for How D'Ye Do and Shake Hands.
Similar to the US sheet, this title does not appear on the song list on the other sheets (in this case All in the Golden Afternoon)
but it does on its own sheet!  Does that mean that this sheet was produced after the others?
The world may never know.


Peter said...

I live in London, and I picked up what I think must have been the Children's Album (it was a collection of simple piano versions of the songs - not including How D'Ye Do) in a sale back in 1970. I don't know when it had been published (i.e. whether it was a reissue or had been knocking around since the 50s!).

It included several scenes from the film, rendered in black and orange, and I found the use of this limited palette very effective. The black had a blueish tinge, so greys looked quite blue in contrast to the orange, while black+orange mixes gave a wide range of greys and browns.

I suppose it is largely down to which version one grew up with, but I was surprised that you found this colour combination so unpleasant (apart from the resultant 'wrong' colours, like Alice's dress being orange rather than blue) because I find the blue and yellow US/Canadian colouring far uglier!

Matt said...

Peter - no argument here, the US/Canadian/Australian colors are no less unattractive. I actually find the French monochromatic sheets the most attractive color-wise (although the line art is dreadful). I find it odd that they took the trouble to print two color when all it takes to print full color is one more pass...

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