Sunday, February 9, 2014

Academy Jigsaw Puzzle from England - The Mad Tea Party

Back to England for today's puzzle, another wooden jigsaw puzzle in a box, but this time from a different manufacturer.
The Academy puzzle featuring art from the Mad Tea Party was manufactured by J. Salmon Ltd, of Sevenoaks, Kent.  Turns out this company is still around, in fact has been around since 1880 and still family run!
These days they specialize in calendars and prints, the business the company was founded upon, and it is the oldest calendar company in Britain.  I must say I feel quite an affinity for them as my family founded and ran the oldest art calendar company in America until they were bought out in the 1980s by a corporate monster who dissected it, sold it for parts, and closed it.  But I digress.
Originally priced at 3 and 2 (three shillings twopence), this would equate to about $0.44 in 1951 dollars.

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