Monday, February 17, 2014

Welcom Jigsaw Puzzle Black Box Series from England - #3 The Garden of Live Flowers

Third in the series of Black Box puzzles from Welcom is, you guessed it, #3 The Garden of Live Flowers
OMG, this puzzle was a bitch to put together.  The lower left and upper right corners drove me up a wall.  But don't you just love the art, especially with that fantastic Rocking Horsefly?


Magic Emperor said...
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Magic Emperor said...

Watch your damn language! Kidding aside, wow. I had no idea this existed. ... Guess that's why it was a bitch, eh? lol

Matt said...

What the hell language are you talking about? ;-) And you have no idea...I spent as much time on those two corners as I did on the entire rest of the puzzle!

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