Sunday, February 16, 2014

Welcom Jigsaw Puzzle Black Box Series from England - #2 Alice's Wonderland

Second in the series of Welcom black box puzzles is #2, Alice's Wonderland.
This puzzle features another example of the assembled art that I call the Wonderland Scene.  Perhaps I should start calling this Alice's Wonderland.


Peter said...

Is this 'Wonderland' image part of the Disney publicity material? I've been wondering about just how much prepared artwork was supplied by the studio, in addition to the lobby card 'stills' (which I notice were not actually from the film but specially redrawn, traced and painted set-ups). I presume the Disney offices in other countries produced additional advertising artwork specific to national tastes, but do you have either actual knowledge, or just an idea based on your collections, of what Disney supplied as a publicity pack for Alice?

Matt said...

@Peter - yes, this image is one of the standard set of stills that was issued at the time of the film, you can see the version of it in the Color Glos post here. In this era, foreign countries licensed the material but were free to generate their own artwork, and most did. They could of course request artwork, or reprint existing artwork, which is why you see so many foreign editions of LGB and so on. I am not aware of an official 'publicity pack' for foreign consumption, but I do have a merchandising model sheet of Alice from this time period. Remember too that Alice's release was shortly following the death of Kay Kamen, and this was the first internal merchandising release for the studio, and as such I'm sure they had quite enough on their hands domestically.

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