Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jaymar Jigsaw Puzzle - Wonderland Friends

The last of the Jaymar jigsaw puzzles is also the rarest in my experience.
Titled Wonderland Friends, this features a new piece of art that has most of the Wonderland crew present.
While this art is new for the blog, I'm quite certain most everyone has encountered it as some point in the past, albeit not looking quite so nice.
This art graced a ubiquitous mug that was sold at Disneyland and Walt Disney World for what seems like 100 years, although it was probably only 30.  And as you can see, the art degraded somewhat in mug form.
The art originally came from a model sheet, a special one that illustrated the comparative sizes of the Wonderland characters which was purpose-built and not assembled from existing animation drawings..
Although as you can see, they trimmed off a few characters for both the puzzle and mug.  Poor Bill.


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I have fallen far behind on all things Alice.

I love old jigsaw puzzles (Disneyland examples, in my case), but it's amazing how much room they start to take up. It's the large cover artwork that really makes the thing appealing to me; on occasion I've been tempted to glue the pieces into place and frame the darn things!

Matt said...

Given the volume of posts on your blog, I'm amazed you have time to read any others at all! ;-)

I love those old Disneyland puzzles too, especially the one with the bizarro monorail where it is running UNDER the track.

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