Monday, July 7, 2008

English Birthday Card Puzzle

This is an English puzzle that was sent as a birthday card. I guess the mail system back then was a lot more forgiving (not automated?) since this is really thick. The puzzle is made of wood and is about 3/8" thick, not counting the outer mailer.

The outer mailer is heavy stock paper that folds around the puzzle and has areas for writing return and destination addresses, and placing a stamp.

The company is Valentine and Sons Ltd. of Great Britain, and they did several puzzles for Alice in Wonderland's original release. Interestingly, all are wooden, I guess that was their specialty. There is a penciled price on the back of this one, 1/6 (one shilling sixpence) which works out to about 20 cents in 1951 dollars.

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Hayley said...

I've sent some puzzle cards like that! They were some Tinker Bell puzzles that Mom had, but they probably weren't too old. 80s at the oldest, but were most likely a 90s Disney Store item.

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