Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goebel DIS 69 - Queen of Hearts Nodder

The elusive nodders. This is the first of two nodders released in the 1951 series, DIS 69, the Queen of Hearts. The TOMART translation reads "'Queen' as rocking figure".

The nodders have a very clever, and simple design. The head has a small rod descending down into the body cavity, at the end of which is a lead weight. At the 'neck' of the figure is a cross bar that rests in a groove set in the opening to the body cavity, and the lead weight acts like a pendulum. Clever.

But, with cleverness comes danger: If you 'nod' too hard, the clever little pendulum becomes a wrecking ball, shattering the body of the figure. Nice. Probably why these thing are so very scarce.


Hayley said...

Dude. I can't believe you missed such a perfect opportunity for an "off with her head joke."

Kevin Kidney said...

I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!

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