Friday, July 25, 2008

Goebel DIS 59 - King of Hearts

DIS 59 - the King of Hearts. The TOMART description for this figurine is 'standing figure with crown'. It interesting that the King of Hearts is one of the few characters to have multiple figures - the other being a nodder (DIS 70). I've never been able to figure out the rationale used to decide which characters got multiple figures, and why some characters were not depicted at all! Alice in Wonderland has more characters than any other film of the era, so why do multiples? And no Cheshire Cat or Caterpillar? What were the Germans thinking!

This item is available in the Wonderland Bazaar.


Kevin Kidney said...

Oh man, I love him!

(Looks like he's been drinking the barbecue sauce again....)

Matt said...

Either that or he's using lipstick now to distract from his unexplained sudden loss of facial hair...

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