Friday, July 25, 2008

Goebel DIS 60 - Queen of Hearts

DIS 60 - Queen of Hearts. TOMART describes her as 'female figurine with animal under arm'. I have to say, even though I *know* this is supposed to be a flamingo, it looks more like some sort of demented lizard to me. The Queen is another character to get more than one figure, again a nodder (DIS 69). The Queen is the largest of the figurines (nodders, ashtrays, decanters excluded) at roughly 4" tall.


Hayley said...

I say it's alien. A green, flippered alien. (The "feet" look like the back legs of, like, a deer. Bambi's rejected cousin from Jupiter?)

Centaurette said...

So...THAT's what happened to him after he landed...Poor Bill!

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