Saturday, July 26, 2008

Goebel DIS 62 - Alice

NOTE: This is a bit of a repost, but I have consolidated the original post into the introduction and this post, plus this post has a lot more detail on the origin of this figure and its design.

This is the Alice figure, DIS 62. She retains her original label, although it is the generic Walt Disney Character label rather than a specific named character label. The TOMART description is "standing girl with hands at her skirt".

The striped stockings have always intrigued me. A lot of pre-production art depicts Alice with the red-striped stockings, and this still looks remarkably like the pose in the figure.

The comic book adaptation also depicts Alice with the red-striped stockings.

The comic book will be important later in the Goebel series as well.

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Hayley said...

While the striped stockings would have been a pain to animate, I still think they're integral to Alice Chic.

(Once, while at Disneyland in my goth gear -- avec les striped knee-socks -- a walk-around Mad Hatter nodded to me and said, "Nice socks." It was a total fangirl moment for me. And a PotC operator headed backstage also complimented me on the socks, confessing his great envy. The PotC striped socks are pretty sad-looking.)

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