Saturday, February 20, 2010

Italian Wührer Premium Trading Cards Series I

Series I of the Wuhrer Trading card set is part one of the Alice in Wonderland series. The set consists of 6 cards beautifully illustrated with a scene from the film, with the back describing the scene. The scenes go pretty much in film order. Also on the back, as I alluded to yesterday, is an illustration of the Wuhrer product for which these cards were a premium. Looks like boullion cubes to me.

Card 1 is Alice falling down the rabbit hole

Card 2 is a little odd, it is Alice leaving her first meeting with the Tweedles, but they are offscreen in this particular image

Card 3 is the Walrus enticing the baby oysters to join him in a pleasant walk

Card 4 shows the Carpenter constructing his makeshift seafood restaurant

Card 5 shows Alice approaching the White Rabbit's house

and Card 6 shows the garden of live flowers, and a nice closeup of the Rocking Horse Fly.

Each series came bundled by a paper strip that said which series it contained, and the upcoming series soon to be available. Notice that Series II is also Alice in Wonderland.

I recently discovered a photo of the original mailing envelope for the card series, thanks to Francis and his excellent website Effedibi on the Web for allowing me to reproduce these envelope images.

Stay tuned for Series II!

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