Thursday, February 11, 2010

Libby's Wonderland of Values Newspaper Ads - October 1951

In addition to the in-store display items previously posted here, and the Life magazine double-page ad referenced here, Libby's ran a series of newspaper ads in the month of October 1951 . Each ad features one character promoting either peas or corn. To date I've found ads for peas and corn with Alice

Mad Hatter

and White Rabbit

but only an ad for corn with the Walrus; I can only assume that there is a corresponding ad for peas that I've not seen yet.

If the remaining ad follows the above pattern, the peas ad will have a black banner across the bottom saying "Try Libby's Peas...'Sweet in Summer'".


Alan said...
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Carolyn said...

Those are great, and I love how they tied the characters' catchphrases into the headlines. The Alice drawings to me, though, look a bit "off-model" (as we say in the business!).

Matt said...

Yeah, none are really truly on model, but the White Rabbit and Walrus are probably the closest.

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