Saturday, February 13, 2010

Japanese RKO Movie Herald

Very nice original RKO herald from Japan. Interesting that this features art similar to the Little Nipper record set rather than movie poster art.

Of course, all the text is in Japanese, so I have absolutely no idea what it says. I assume the single row of text beneath the picture on the front is the name of a theater, but there is a ton of text on the back. Anyone out there read kanji, hiragana and katakana (come on, you have to be impressed that I at least know the names of the 3 alphabets)?

UPDATE: A kind (and bilingual) reader translated this for me - thanks Wayne!

Front says:

Alice in Wonderland, a Walt Disney Production
Beautiful and enjoyable
Color Feature Musical Fantasy
Distributed by RKO
The Odeon Theater (hah! I knew it was a theater name)

Back says:

Color feature musical fantasy
A Walt Disney Production
About "Alice in Wonderland"
"Alice in Wonderland", like "Snow White" and "Cinderella", is a Disney film version of a fairy tale. But unlike the other two films, here Disney spreads his wings of fancy all the way, and soars with music and color. In this film where several fun episodes merge, it's a great fantasy where color and music are wonderfully blended. Lewis Caroll's work "Alice in Wonderland" is from about 100 years ago: during a pleasant English summer as he was taking a walk in the garden with the sweet little girl Alice Pleasance Liddell, at her urging he told this story. Later, it was suggested to him by a friend to write the story down, and 3 years later in 1865 it was published.
Ever since, it has become one of the world's most loved stories. Not only is this merely due to its being loaded with humor, but it also contains sharp satire and morals. There's plenty in it for an adult to ponder. The film proudly boasts this story, the musical fun and the gorgeous colors, and it's a work that children will love as much as adults.

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