Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goebel Alice in Wonderland Full Set

Just because it is fun to see them all on one page, here is the full set. I promise I'll move on now...

DIS 58 DIS 59 DIS 60 DIS 61
DIS 62 DIS 63 DIS 64 DIS 65
DIS 66 DIS 67 DIS 69 DIS 70
DIS 71 DIS 84 DIS 85
DIS 87 DIS 88 DIS 89 DIS 90
DIS 91 DIS 93 DIS 97 DIS 106
DIS 107 DIS 108 DIS 110


Rich T. said...

Awesome! It really is a great-looking set!

Brian Sibley said...

Well done!! :)

BUT whoever would have thought that there would be more Dodos than anyone else??!! No wonder they're now extinct!

And what happened to the Cat? Disappeared again, I guess. And the Caterpillar? Or do you think he had he turned into a butterfly by the time the sculptors were through with the Dodo?

A fascinating assemblage and an awesome achievemnt, Matt!

Major Pepperidge said...

I agree with Brian Sibley, WHY is there not one single Cheshire Cat?! And the Caterpillar would have been awesome. Two of my favorite characters...

I wonder if you won't find yet another figure out there someday that is unknown to you right now.

Matt said...

I totally agree with you all, 5 Walrus figures, 3 Dodo figures, but not a Cheshire Cat nor Caterpillar in sight! The nerve.

@Major - I'm quite certain that there are LOADS of figures that I am not aware of out there waiting for me, but not in the Goebel set. The entire line of Goebel figures is well documented, and sadly these 26 represent all the Alice figures they produced. Sigh. I hold out hope for more Zaccagnini, Galligani, and Palés figures to turn up!

Snow White Archive said...

Congrats on getting the entire set. Quite an accomplishment. And it is cool seeing them all on one page!

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