Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Final Four Goebel Figures - DIS 107 Tweedledee & Tweedledum Ashtray

Second of the Final Four, DIS 107.
As with both DIS 106 and DIS 108, this is just the DIS 65 figure on the generic ashtray base.  While I understand that smoking was extremely prevalent at the time, I fail to see the need for so many different ashtrays, and especially this one.  With all the other ashtrays in this set, the character is a smoker, but no so with these two.  Nit picky to be sure, but just sayin'

1 comment:

Major Pepperidge said...

Everyone knows smoking cool! I wish everyone smoked all the time, just like in the old days. You might as well take up the habit, since you are so rich in ash trays.

Well, time to go smoke!


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