Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Final Four Goebel Figures - DIS 71 Dodo Smoker Ashtray

Last but not least, the fourth figure from the Final Four, DIS 71 (I saved it for last because it is my favorite).
The parade of ashtrays continues with our friend the Dodo, this time modeled as a figural 'smoker' ashtray.  This is cool because the cigarette would rest on his tail, and the lit end would extend into the body of the Dodo, and the smoke would rise and come out of his pipe!  That is a genius design.  Too bad I don't smoke.  Goebel made several different 'smoker' ashtrays, but this is by far the coolest, and apparently the rarest too!


Rich T. said...

I don't smoke, either, but I gotta admit that's a pretty awesome ashtray. They should've made a Walrus ashtray, too -- 'cause, y'know, they could use a few more Walruses in that collection! :)

Matt said...

@Rich T - ah, but they DID make a Walrus ashtray, just not a smoker. His ashtray is DIS 106.

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