Saturday, July 28, 2012

Illustrated Magazine from England - July 28th, 1951

Today marks the 61st anniversary of the US premiere of Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland.  As many of my readers surely know by now, the world premiere was actually 2 days earlier, July 26th, in London.  In honor of this very special day, and the fact that the English were 2 days ahead of us (and it is an English story after all), I present to you this issue of Illustrated from July 28th, 1951.
Cover features a full color photograph of the wee Prince Charles.  Love those red shoes Your Highness.
Inside features a fairly standard paragraph about Walt's Alice, but what is really nice are the illustrations comparing the Tenniel drawings with some great concept art from the studio.  I previously posted the still of Alice in my posting about the Alice Goebel figure (see, I still managed to mention Goebel figures) here.  I would love to find stills of the other concept art pictured here.


Snow White Archive said...

Excellent find! I dig the illustrations.

Judah Ben-Hur said...

well the reporter must have not payed mind to the book! he identifies The Duchess as The Queen of Hearts!

Matt said...

Yeah, people make that mistake all the time.

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