Friday, November 5, 2010

Live Action Reference Photo 849-91 - Alice at the Mad Tea Party

I don't have a corresponding screen grab for this one, because it looks like this is for a sequence that was cut.  There is no scene at the tea party where Alice looks into the lid of a teapot.  The Mad Hatter does at one point, but not Alice.  I wonder how many of these reference photos for cut scenes exist?


Davelandweb said...

Maybe the upcoming Blu-ray release will feature some deleted scenes - we can always hope!

Matt said...

@daveland - yes, that would be great indeed! I'd like to see more of the actual footage. I think to date they've only released the Mad Tea Party footage and some footage of a marching card.

the-mad-kiwi said...

The Blu-ray features were just announced last week. There are no additional deleted scenes (meaning the already-released "Alice Daydreams in the Park" and "Pig and Pepper" are the only cut sequences we get, and those are just storyboards).

As for live-action reference, Disney recently discovered reference footage of Alice with the Doorknob that runs about 47 seconds. That will be included on the BD along with an intro from Kathryn Beaumont. She's also introducing a newly-found pencil test of Alice shrinking.

Matt said...

@the-mad-kiwi - thanks for the update, that is interesting news. I had hoped they would come visit the Tulgey Wood here in Virginia, but alas I guess it was not to be :(

Curt said...

These live action reference photos are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing them!

Matt said...

@curt - happy to be of service!

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