Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Live Action Reference Photo A-SPEC-87 - Alice and Sister Walking Home

This is pretty obscure, and who knew the lengths they went to to stage these live action reference shots.
Can't believe they actually built a bridge for them to walk across.
I've added a detailed close up of Kathy and the actor portraying the sister.  Unfortunately you cannot see the actor's face, so you can't tell if it is Heather Angel or not.  According to IMDb she would have been 41 at the time of this shot.  I can only find photos of her from the 1930s to compare, so it is very hard to say.


Torgo25 said...

Wow! I'm surprised to see that Kathryn is only slightly shorter than Heather Angel (the actress portraying Alice's sister).

Matt said...

@torgo25 - interesting, I never really noticed before. It also might not be Heather Angel, not all the voice actors did the live action reference, and I've not seen any documentation on who performed the live action model for the sister.

Brian Sibley said...
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Brian Sibley said...

Thanks for posting these fascinating live-action images. It would be great to, one day, see the actually footage shot for Alice along with that for Cinderella and Peter Pan, which both involved similarly elaborate pre-production work.

Matt said...

@Brian - couldn't agree more! According to Amazon there is going to be another snippet of live action reference, Alice and the doorknob. I was always under the impression that the studio didn't really intend to keep any of this footage after production completed due to contractual issues with the actors, and that they got rid of most of it. The fact that any has survived is a miracle! Of course this could be mere fantasy on my part and the real reason could simply be that all the footage just got lost. I imagine it was sliced and diced into individual scenes, so each bit would be fairly short, easy to misplace in the great Ark storage room at the studio.

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