Monday, November 1, 2010

Live Action Reference Photo A-SPEC-65 - Standing on the Bottle on the Sea of Tears

Another bottle picture today, this time featuring yet another crazy contraption meant to make Kathy sick.
Check out the rocker mechanisms on the underside of the platform, nothing like the modern day gimbals they use to move entire sound stages around.  Rube Goldberg eat your heart out.


Major Pepperidge said...

I wonder what the "hillside" backdrop was painted for?

Matt said...

@major - not sure, but it is in the 'not at all' photo as well.

the-mad-kiwi said...

That may not be a hillside at all. It looks a lot like waves, and considering how much stunt work was involved in the bottle sequence alone, I wouldn't be surprised if they did a pool of tears backdrop to perhaps get an idea of what the horizon would look like in relation to Kathy.

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