Saturday, November 20, 2010

Unknown Maker String Holder - Cheshire Cat #406

Last but not least, the Cheshire Cat, #406.  One of the very few vintage figures of the Cheshire Cat that I am aware of, and perhaps the only domestic figure of the Cheshire Cat to be released prior to the 1960s.
This concludes the set of string holders.  While I do not know who the maker was, I do have a copy of the original advertisement for this set.

Based on the ad, it looks as though they may have been sold as whiteware, to be painted at home.  The paint job on these is quite good (for the most part) and I have seen a second Mad Hatter that is virtually identical, so perhaps you could get them either way.
The set retails for $7.50, or $1.25 each, which in current dollars is equivalent to $10.50 each.  Not bad.

Here is a picture of the full set complete with string hanging from their mouths.  This one's for your Major ;-)


Sarah said...

I'm afraid to ask why would one want a string holder for "baby's room"...

Major Pepperidge said...

Whoa, they sure look great as a set! And there's my Cheshire Cat, huzzah!!

Matt said...

@sarah - yikes!

@major - huzzah indeed. finally, a cheshire cat from 1951!

Rich T. said...

Boy, this is scary. It's like they were all caught eating a spaghetti dinner at a cast party.

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