Saturday, March 9, 2013

Italian Jumbo Fotobusta Style A

As I mentioned in the past few posts on fotobustas, they were originally 35x50 cm in size, which lasted until the late 1950s at which time the size changed to 50x70 cm.  Which makes these next two posters in the series oddities.  They are from 1951 given the RKO logo (and the date in the bottom border), and they are clearly related to the other fotobustas given that they use the same art of the March Hare holding the Technicolor sign, but they are also 50x70 cm in size.  So what are these?  For the time period they cannot be called fotobustas since they are too large, but there was no other poster size (that I'm aware of) from that time period that match these dimensions.  So I'm calling them Jumbo Fotobustas...because I can.
First up is style A, featuring a montage of images from the film including several images that were constructed for publicity stills as seen in the post on Color-Glos.  Interestingly, just below the title is a line of text advertising the adaptations in books by the publisher Mondadori.  Could these be advertising posters for the books?

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