Friday, March 15, 2013

Stimme der Frau from Germany - January 26th, 1952

This is a German magazine, whose title loosely translates to Woman's Voice, from January 26th, 1952.  Inside is typical 1950s women's mag contents (recipes, fashion, etc)...
and this one page article with illustrations for Alice, including several comparisons between the Disney version and the Tenniel version.
Oddly, when I was trying to find information on this magazine, I came across an entry on the German wikipedia that mentions a magazine of the same title as being a communist women's magazine from Austria.  Based on the content of this magazine, I doubt it is the same :-)

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Judah Ben-Hur said...

If you have the magazine, check the front page or last page in the small print for the mention of KPO which published the version you mentioned in your post. I think they are the same magazine as the one you found. the Wiki article mentions it's main topics were Women's rights, and lady's topics (recipes, pulp fiction, the usual stuff you see in Woman's Day). The communist party was not without support in the early 50s when Germany was still deciding what direction it would go politically so It's not that unusual to have something like this (especially if it's market was later West Germany).IT looks like the "Stimme" went under in 1993 when the company changed directions. I'll ask my Germany grandmother if she knows if there was more than one magazine published under that title, just in case. Because Germany is so small, and Austria and others speak German, many German/Danish/Austrian magazines are simply distributed across borders (like we do with Canada in the US). When I was there two years ago, the Disney magazines still practiced this method as well.

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