Friday, March 29, 2013

The American Weekly Sunday Supplement - August 11, 1946

Quite possibly the earliest published article on Disney's Alice is this from August 1946 in The American Weekly, a newspaper Sunday supplement that ran for decades, and frequently featured articles and covers dedicated to Walt Disney and his various projects.
This issue contains an article written by Walt Disney (or so they would have us believe) that essentially summarizes the history and story of the Alice books, and their universal appeal.  Accompanying this article are some very interesting drawings from the studio, noted as 'modern' in the various captions.  It would be very interesting to know who did these, and when, by this time I would have assumed that Mary Blair would have been driving the look and feel of the picture, with dialog recording just around the corner in 1947.


Brian Sibley said...

I have this spread somewhere but in (or from) a different mag so perhaps it was a syndicated piece.

Like you, I have always wondered who the artist was –– and (by extension, in my thinking) how they kept their job! :)

Matt said...

Do let me know if you come across it and can identify the mag.

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