Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tele-Views Magazine - Week of March 17th, 1951

In the spring of 1951, the Disney studio was in full swing promoting the upcoming release of Alice in Wonderland.  I've previously posted about the Fred Waring TV show that was almost entirely dedicated to Alice, including a full adaptation complete with live musical accompaniment featuring Kathryn Beaumont and Sterling Holloway.  This issue of Tele-Views features an article on that episode.
Interestingly, the photograph - while not associated with the article - pictures Mindy Carson, who recorded a version of I'm Late and Twas Brillig that I'm particularly fond of.


Hayley said...

Love that Mindy Carson "'Twas Brillig"! Going through my old Alice In Musicland class files today, I listened to it on repeat for a while. So catchy!

Major Pepperidge said...

The early days of television, when a show with a person playing the organ was something people actually would watch. Classic!

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