Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alice, Mad Hatter, and March Hare Soap Bars

Quite possibly one of the most unusual items in the collection is this set of 3 bars of soap featuring Alice character decals.  I don't really know when they are from, but the art and 'technology' of the soap feels 1950s, nor do I know the maker.  I found them in a box of several loose bars of soap along with a Snow White and a Dopey, long since gone.  If anyone has any idea as to when, where, or by whom these were made, please let me know!
And yes I know, these are old bars of soap.  I never said I was reasonable in what I collected, just...focused.


Judith said...

We just acquired a box of six Walt Disney Character Soap, manufactured by Monogram Soap Co. in Hollywood, Calif. Included are Goofy, Bashful, Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, and Pedro (the airplane). The sixth bar is without a Disney image. All images are marked with the copyright W.D.P., indicating possible dates between 9/30/1938 through 2/6/1986. So far, we've been unable to find out much about the soap company itself. Still researching...

Judith said...

Pedro the airplane character would date the soap to 1943. Lettering styles on the original box also fit that era.

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