Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whitman 90144 - 1980s

And finally we come to the 1980s reprint.  Surprised they are still using essentially the same art, but this all white cover makes it really tough to find clean copies.  Yet another name change for the publisher, now they are called Whitman.  All these name changes are just that, the company is still the same, just new and different imprints.  Remember, Whitman was putting out stuff from the original release, but it all came from the same place.
Still at 36 pages, although the added art on the inside covers has been replaced with advertisement for other Whitman titles.  Again, no date, but the 60¢ cover price narrows it down to 1982-1985.  For a good reference on cover price vs. date, look at this Wikipedia entry.


Major Pepperidge said...

I had no idea that Whitman was still around (not being much of a comic book guy). I'll bet they love those Disney titles, re-releasing them every 10 years or so.

Matt said...

Probably true, although I don't know how much circulation they would have received in the 1980s. One would imagine that this would have been released around the time of the 1981 re-issue of the film to maximize that.

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